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District 4 Neighbors,

Did you know that the #1 economic engine in Butte County is agriculture? The most recent crop report estimated the gross value of ag production in our county to be more than $600 million. The area we live, called District 4, is one of the largest producers of this ag income in the county.

We need a farmer and financial expert to lead our District and serve on the Butte County Board of Supervisors. Someone who understands how to balance budgets, make payroll and protect our region’s water supply.

I’m Tod Kimmelshue, a family farmer, retired ag finance/banking advisor and lifelong community volunteer. My wife Sherri and I have been married for 33 years and we have two sons, Kirk and Chad. I would be honored to serve another term as your next County Supervisor.

People say that politics is just too nutty these days. That may be true, but I’m willing to take time away from my family and farm to serve you and the community we love. I would be honored to continue to represent you as our next Butte County Supervisor in District 4.


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