I do not support needle distribution programs for drug addicts. Why? Because enabling addiction and drug use is not healthy or compassionate. As County Supervisor, I will support drug treatment programs and wraparound mental health services that help get people off dangerous substances and into a more productive lifestyle. Like many of you, I’ve seen the photos and heard the stories of how needles are being found more frequently in our parks, school campuses and other public spaces. We must not allow this dangerous program to expand any further.


While on the Board of Directors for the Butte County Farm Bureau back in 1996, I helped lead the fight to pass a local ordinance that protects groundwater and stops irresponsible water sales (Measure G). As a farmer and County Water Commissioner, I know how important it is to protect this precious natural resource.


I currently serve as the President of the Northern California Regional Land Trust, where I have served on the Board since 2008. Since then, the Land Trust has conserved 17 easements totaling about 19,005 acres of prime agricultural lands, rangelands, open spaces, and wildlife habitat.


I oppose the new effort to dismantle Prop 13, which was approved by California voters back in 1978. According to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association: This is a tax increase of approximately $9–12 billion per year on supermarkets, gas stations, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, car washes, self-storage facilities, factories, warehouses, sports stadiums, shopping malls and just about every other type of business property in California. These properties would lose the protection of Proposition 13, leading to massive tax increases on businesses, and likely resulting in higher prices for consumers.